Blizzard’s New ‘Overwatch’ Album Is a Total Bop

by Antonia Haynes

Fans of Overwatch and video game musical scores are sure to rejoice over the recent release of a brand new Overwatch album: Overwatch: Cites & Countries. The album features full-length versions of the various musical scores featured throughout Blizzard’s online multiplayer game Overwatch. The score is a compilation of the tracks that the player hears as they play on various maps in the game. Each map is based in a different country and city (hence the title of the album) and the music is fantastic in that it manages to reflect the various real-life countries whilst staying true to the fictional game world.

Though some maps are set in real places- like Paris where the musical highlight is the traditional French sound of the accordion- others are fictional places based in real areas. Maps like these would likely be a little more difficult to compose for- needing to stay true to their respective country whilst also being creative enough to portray a fictional place. However, the various composers of the album manage to pull this off effortlessly with maps like Numbani (fictional but based in Africa, near Nigeria) which combines traditional African music with a modern, technological sound to represent the futuristic and technologically advanced fictional city.

Speaking of the composers, the album is the work of four different composers: Adam Burgess, Derek Duke, Sam Cardon, and Jason Hayes.  Some of the composers work jointly on certain tracks whilst others are created by either Burgess or Duke. All of the composers are super talented and their hard work on the album is evident in each track. My personal favourite track is “Busan” by Adam Burgess. It fuses Korean musical styles with an awesome techno beat, leading to a piece of music that is a bop on all levels. It is also a theme that reflects one of the game’s characters really well too: D.Va, who is from Busan in South Korea where the map is based. The energy of the track reflects D.Va’s cocky effervescence brilliantly whilst staying true to her heritage. “Busan” is my favourite but it is just one track of a whole album full of great music.

Overwatch: Cities & Countries is available now on most streaming and music services.

Check out a YouTube playlist of the album below.

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