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You Can Recreate This ‘Overwatch 2’ Trailer Moment in the ‘Overwatch’ Workshop



Overwatch 2 was announced at Blizzcon way back in November 2019 and since then we have heard little to nothing about the upcoming sequel to Blizzard’s smash hit online multiplayer. But never fear, for Redditor ‘jaydenye_jr’ is here to satiate your Overwatch 2 craving with a cool fan made reference.

The ‘Zero Hour’ cinematic- the official announcement cinematic for Overwatch 2– shows a handful of the heroes coming together to fight a giant omnic threat in the streets of Paris. Reinhardt- the German powerhouse- and his ward/ goddaughter Brigitte, are part of the team that show up to fight the robot baddies. In the cinematic, the two combine their shields by standing next to one another and holding them up at the same time. This creates an awesome mega shield which expands to a massive size and protects the heroes from a huge explosion.

Jaydenye_jr has managed to recreate this effect in-game within the workshop- a feature which allows players to customize various game modes, abilities etc. The Reddit user has created a feature wherein Brigitte and Reindhardt’s shield will fuse just as they do in the trailer when they stand side by side. The functionality of the shields doesn’t quite work due to the way characters individual shields, as jaydenye_jr explains on his Reddit, but the effect is still impressive and a great fan creation to represent the sequel within the original.

Have a look at jaydenye_jr’s Reddit here for more information on his workshop creation and to try it out for yourself, the code is K3EDA.

Check out the Zero Hour cinematic below.

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