Nintendo Sales Boom as Profits Skyrocket By 200%

by Antonia Haynes
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Nintendo is having an incredible year in terms of sales, as demonstrated by their recently reported sales figures that take into account sales as of September 2020. The demand for the Nintendo Switch grew significantly following the start of the coronavirus pandemic- with the console selling out almost everywhere- with people clearly finding ways to keep themselves entertained during lockdown. It would seem that this this Switch obsession is showing no sign of dying down just yet.

The Nintendo Switch has sold a grand total of 68.30 million units so far, with 456.49 million total copies of games sold for the handheld console. This makes the Switch the second bestselling Nintendo console so far, still trailing behind the 2006 Nintendo Wii. However, if sales continue to soar in this manner it looks as though the Switch may well become Nintendo’s bestselling console.

In terms of games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the star title for the Switch as of this year. The game was released back in March and has sold a total of 26.04 million copies so far, making it the second bestselling Nintendo Switch game of all time. The game is only slightly behind 2017’s Mario Kart 8 in terms of sales- which sold 28.99 million copies- which is incredibly impressive seeing as New Horizons was only released in March of this year. Super Mario 3D All-Stars has also sold very well (despite the odd decision that Nintendo made to take it off of the eShop in March 2021) with 5.21 million copies sold since its release on September 18th 2020.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold incredibly well, showing that the game is keeping a lot of people entertained with its calming atmosphere during the global pandemic.

I believe this rise in sales for the Switch-as well as the extraordinary sales for Animal Crossing: New Horizons– shows that many people are turning to gaming during these difficult times. For me, gaming has always been a method of escapism when the world gets too much. It seems like a lot more people are feeling this way too, and a peaceful and quaint game series like Animal Crossing is an amazing way to do so. With the world still suffering through the coronavirus, the Nintendo Switch is likely to keep boosting Nintendo’s sales for a good while longer.

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