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Nostalgia and Creativity Combine to Make One Epic Nintendo Remix



When it comes to fan-made remixes, this has to be one of the most innovative I have come across. YouTuber Leslie Wai has created a song that is sure to evoke nostalgia for Nintendo gamers everywhere with his remix of every start up sound for each Nintendo console.

The remix (which Wai released four months ago and frankly I’m very disappointed in myself that it took me this long to find it) cleverly takes the iconic start up noises from every Nintendo system- be it handheld or a console – to create one hell of an epic bop. Whether you have been a Nintendo fan for thirty years or you’re relatively new to Nintendo, you’re sure to hear something familiar in the remix.

There’s also plenty of nostalgia to be had in the song, especially if you are a long time Nintendo fan. From the GameBoy to the GameCube to the very first Nintendo console (the NES released back in 1983), this remix is a testament to how something as simple a sound can bring back memories and open the floodgates for reminiscing. For me, it is the Nintendo DS start up noise that brought back a slew of memories. I remember opening up my candy pink Nintendo DS on a Christmas morning when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I spent the whole of Christmas Day playing Nintendogs and pretty much ignoring my family. Good times. There are fond memories for every Nintendo fan within this remix and Wai’s creativity and skill needs to be appreciated. I would definitely recommend that you check out the remix even if you’re not into Nintendo because it is a great tune in its own right.

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