A Connection between the Nintendo Mii’s and The Breath of the Wild NPC’s Has Been Discovered by a Modder

by Antonia Haynes

Well, this is a kind of random one but I love it nonetheless. Any gamer worth their salt will know of the Mii’s that Nintendo implemented with the release of the Nintendo Wii in 2006. The cute and customisable characters have become something of a meme in the recent years but a discovery from one modder and expert on the Mii’s have found a curious correlation between the Mii’s and the popular Nintendo Switch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Twitter user “Alice”- who goes by the handle @HEYimHeroic- discovered that the NPC’s in Breath of the Wild appear to be modelled from the Mii character models and are actually an advanced version of the Mii’s.  “Alice”- who runs the Wii Facts Plus blog so I would consider them a credible source-, posted a picture demonstrating how the Mii’s are transferred into Breath of the Wild, using a few examples such as Matt from Wii Sports and the recent official Mii for Barrett from Final Fantasy VII in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

On their Reddit account, “Alice” also explained that Breath of the Wild uses an evolved version of the Mii’s, known as “UMiis” in the files for the game. According to the modder, the UMiis have “almost all the same parameters as Wii U/3DS Miis, with a few minor differences here and there”. The NPC’s in Breath of the Wild also can’t support “every hairstyle that the Mii’s do”. Sorry hair enthusiasts.

This is a real cool discovery and “Alice” is considering opening up commission to inject Mii’s into Breath of the Wild via modding, so make sure to check out their Twitter for more info.

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