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The Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Threw a Few Little Surprises At Us

Today, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct Mini focusing on showcasing games from Nintendo partners. There were some cool updates from games that we already knew were coming, including a surprise drop of a free demo for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and the release of the Nintendo Wii games No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle on the eShop. Some of the biggest surprises came with the news that Remedy Entertainment’s Control and IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 will both be coming to the Switch via cloud streaming technology, with Control being available now.

The Nintendo Direct Mini’s are a great way to showcase bite sized gaming news within a brief yet informative 20 minute video. This Mini Direct certainly had some interesting announcements, so here’s hoping that the future Nintendo showcases continue with this momentum.

Check out the press release of the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partnership Showcase below.


REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 28, 2020 – During the last Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase of the year, Nintendo provided information about a variety of games coming to the Nintendo Switch family of systems from development and publishing partners like SQUARE ENIX, Remedy Entertainment, Koei Tecmo Games and HAL Laboratory. Games featured in the video presentation include anticipated RPG sequel BRAVELY DEFAULT II; farming and lifestyle sim STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town; Greek mythology-inspired action-adventure game Immortals Fenyx Rising; Nintendo Switch versions of
HITMAN 3 and Control, which are both played via cloud-streaming technology; and over the-top action game No More Heroes III. There was even the surprise reveal that the original No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which originally released for the Wii system, are now available exclusively in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

But that’s not all that’s coming to Nintendo Switch today! The Nintendo Direct
Mini: Partner Showcase also announced that the adorable and out-of-this-world puzzler
Part Time UFO from HAL Laboratory, the developers of the Kirby series, as well as a free
demo for the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity game, are both now available in
Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

“Even though this is the final Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase of the year,
the Nintendo Switch games from our development and publishing partners are still
coming on strong,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of
Publisher and Developer Relations. “Through these video presentations, we are able to
show the breadth of creative and diverse experiences that can be found on Nintendo

Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version: Winner of more than 80 awards,
Control is a visually stunning third-person action-adventure that will keep players
on the edge of their seat. Blending open-ended environments with the signature
world-building and storytelling of developer Remedy Entertainment, Control
presents an expansive and intensely gratifying gameplay experience. Control
Ultimate Edition
– Cloud Version* is available now on Nintendo Switch!

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity: Before the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
game launches for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 20, fans will be able to try out a free
demo for the game, available now in Nintendo eShop. The action-packed story is
set in Hyrule 100 years before the events of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the
game. The demo will let players experience the fast-paced action and
dramatic cutscenes, which shed light on the events that led to the Great
Calamity. During the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, it was revealed
that the massive, screen-filling Divine Beasts will also be playable in the game.
Using the over-the-top powers of the Divine Beasts will surely help players find
victory when used in their respective stages.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: The fate of the world is at stake. Play as Fenyx, a new
winged demigod, on a quest to save the Greek gods and their home from a dark
curse. Take on mythological beasts, master the legendary powers of the gods
and defeat Typhon, the deadliest Titan in Greek mythology, in an epic fight for
the ages. Immortals Fenyx Rising launches for Nintendo Switch on Dec. 3, with
pre-orders beginning today!

BRAVELY DEFAULT II: Brought together by fate, four heroes will embark on a
great voyage in the beautiful and engaging role-playing game BRAVELY DEFAULT
from SQUARE ENIX, the creators of the FINAL FANTASY series. In the series’
new adventure, players will set off on an epic journey, visiting stunning locations,
meeting intriguing characters and battling dastardly villains. By defeating
enemies called Asterisk bearers, the heroes will acquire Asterisks, which allow
them to change jobs. By using the right combination of jobs, players can turn the
tide of battle in their favor. Some of the jobs that can be acquired include the
powerful Vanguard, the White Mage, the Bard, the Beastmaster and the
Gambler, among many others. After a demo version of the game went live in
March, the developers collected player feedback about things like difficulty and
controls to improve the overall game experience. A video addressing the helpful
fan feedback will be posted on the BRAVELY DEFAULT II website and on YouTube
later today. BRAVELY DEFAULT II launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Feb.
26, 2021.

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town: Cultivate a farm from the ground
up! Chop down trees! Discover flora and fauna! Raise animals! Experience all of
this and more as part of STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town, the newest
game in the original farm simulation series, coming to Nintendo Switch on March
23, 2021. Will players sow fields and grow a cornucopia of colorful crops? Or
construct a massive ranch with lots of animal pens? How players choose to live
their farm life is completely up to them.

No More Heroes III: Experience the latest exploits of legendary assassin Travis
Touchdown in No More Heroes III. In this game, players are put in the middle of
the action, as the fight between assassins becomes a battle on a galactic scale.
Destroy aliens in this garden of madness when No More Heroes III launches
exclusively for Nintendo Switch in 2021. If players haven’t experienced the
series’ prequels, no problem! The first two No More Heroes games, No More
and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which originally launched
for the Wii console, are available now on Nintendo Switch.

HITMAN 3 – CLOUD VERSION: HITMAN 3 is the first time the HITMAN series has
been on Nintendo Switch and represents the dramatic conclusion to the World
of Assassination trilogy. Whether players are new to the franchise or familiar
with the series, they’ll enjoy a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox
locations as Agent 47 returns for the most important contracts of his entire

Part Time UFO: From HAL Laboratory, the developers of the Kirby series, comes
Part Time UFO, a colorful game in which players take on the role of an adorable
(and helpful!) UFO. From dishing up sweets, to fishing, and building a castle, the
little UFO will perform all sorts of part-time jobs. Players can clear stages by
carrying the required object, but more rewards will be earned by completing
three specific challenges per stage. By passing a Joy-Con controller to a friend or
family member, two people can perform jobs together! Part Time UFO is
available now on Nintendo Switch!

• Surviving the Aftermath: Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future –
resources are scarce, but opportunity calls. Players can build the ultimate
disaster-proof colony, protect their colonists and restore civilization to a
devastated world. Remember: The end of the world is just the beginning. The
Nintendo Switch version of Surviving the Aftermath launches in spring 2021.

Tropico 6 – Nintendo Switch Edition: El Presidente is back! In Tropico 6, players
have the fate of their island in their hands. Build and rule an island nation on
large archipelagos, take care of subjects’ needs and send agents to steal world
monuments. Tropico 6 lands on Nintendo Switch on Nov. 6. Pre-orders for the
game begin later today.

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia: Fierce strategy plus epic action equals
Bakugan! It’s up to players to build the best team and duke it out in high-energy
battles. Become the ultimate champion in Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia,
launching exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 3.

Griftlands: Nintendo Switch Edition: Sharp negotiating skills are a must when
playing Griftlands, a deck-building roguelite game. Every decision matters in each
playthrough, whether it’s the jobs players take, the friends they make or the
cards they collect. Explore the gritty sci-fi world of Griftlands when it launches on
Nintendo Switch in summer 2021.

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