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The New Xbox App Update from Microsoft Is A Surprisingly Smooth Experience



Microsoft recently released an update for their Xbox app for iOS and iPad OS which allows players to stream their Xbox One games onto their devices and the result is surprisingly excellent.

Remote play is something that can often be hit and miss but Microsoft has really knocked it out of the park with this one. I don’t actually own an Xbox One myself but luckily for me, one of our Games Editors- Marc Kaliroff whose awesome work you can check out here– tested out the app with some pretty positive results. The first thing that stood out to Marc was the convenience. The service is able to be set up quickly and efficient without the usual hassle that comes with remote play. Thirty seconds is all it takes to jump into a game. Another impressive element of this is the controller input, which works effortlessly. Controls are a tricky feature to manage when dealing with playing on a phone or tablet but Microsoft manages to keep the control system streamlined. The only issue is that you can only play Xbox One games via the app or Xbox Series X games when the console arrives next month. If you’re looking to enjoy original Xbox or Xbox 360 games on your device then unfortunately, you are going to be disappointed. Other than that, Marc thoroughly enjoyed his time with streaming to his device. Thanks for the review Marc!

The Xbox app is different from the xCloud service that Microsoft offers. The Remote play app allows for streaming directly from your console whilst the Cloud service streams from servers. The app can also let you start your Xbox console remotely as well as allowing for access of your console via a Wi-Fi connection on your device, similar to the Sony remote play feature for the PlayStation 4. Remote play can often be filled with bugs, glitches, poor controls and connection issues but Microsoft seems to have ironed out the issues to provide a smooth and capable streaming service straight to your device. The app certainly seems worth a try if you’re interested in playing your Xbox One games remotely, so go check it out!

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