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New Super Mario Fansite is a must see!



Nintendo fans should take notice of SuperMarioBooth a self-proclaimed Super Mario “variety blog” filled with screenshots, photos, sprites, gifs and scans from Nintendo’s flagship series. If you navigate your way through Tumblr on a daily basis, you should definitely follow this page. The fansite recently revealed several secrets and oddities about several of our favourite Mario games including our personal favourite, Super Mario Bros. 3. It’s amazing that decades later, Easter eggs, secret levels, and other hidden treasures are still being surfaced from players around the world. Check out some of the fun gifs and artwork below and be sure to head over to the blog by following this link. Enjoy!


Obscure powers of the suits in Super Mario Bros. 3 (seen here in the Super Mario Advance 4 version): defeating Boos with the Hammer Suit and defeating Roto-Discs with the Tanooki Suit.

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In Super Mario Bros. 3, Hammer Mario can’t slide down slopes, since he retreats into his shell when you duck. However, a sliding sprite for Hammer Mario still exists in the code and can be seen in this bonus room in level 6-10. If Mario is already sliding when he touches the Hammer Suit, he will display Hammer Mario’s sliding animation.


In Super Mario 64 DS, if you go into the mirror room as Yoshi and use his tongue on the mirror at an angle, the tongue of Yoshi’s reflection will come out of the mirror for a split second.


In the European version of Super Mario Bros. 3, the last letter you receive isn’t signed “King of the Koopa” as in the American version, but “Koopa Troopa”.


How to see the hidden toy train in Super Mario Galaxy: in the first mission of Toy Time Galaxy, proceed until the first Spring Mushroom, but don’t get it. Scale the next ledge using wall jumps, then at the second Spring Mushroom, take the conveyor belt to the right and jump onto the orange block. The train is under the ramp, use first-person view to see it.


If you achieve 100% completion of Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island, you will see this screen, where the number filled in the blank is the number of lives you have lost on that save file, plus one. This might imply that whenever Yoshi loses a life, it’s not the same Yoshi that restarts the level, but a new Yoshi to take the old one’s place.


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