New Outrun cabinet From Arcade1UP Brings Classic Racing Home with a Steering Wheel

by Jason Venter
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When it comes to arcade cabinet, you might say the new one Arcade1UP just revealed is the wheel deal. That’s because the cabinet collects several SEGA racing games in the Outrun series and lets you play them the way they were always meant to be played: with attached pedals and a steering wheel.

According to the official Outrun cabinet listing, the new cabinet brings together Outrun, Turbo Outrun, Outrunners, and Power Drift. Thrillingly, they are hosted in a cabinet that includes a detachable bench seat, shift stick, and even brake and acceleration pedals like you might find on a similar unit at your local arcade. That’s assuming you have the luxury of a local arcade, mind you.

Arcade1UP is quickly making a name for itself by providing cabinets for a number of classic games from major publishers who dominated arcades, convenience stores, and pizza parlors back in the day. Besides Outrun, other recent and current options include BurgerTime, Golden Axe, Ms. Pac-Man and even X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

Naturally, you’ll have to pay the price if you want to bring Outrun home. This cabinet retails for $499.99, which will be charged at the time you place your order. Eventually, cabinets should also be available through retail partners, though at the moment your best bet is to order directly from 1UPArcade.

If you’ve played driving games in the past, you already know there’s no substitute for a proper bench, pedals, and a steering wheel. The various 1UPArcade machines are 3/4 scale compared to the original cabinets they mimic, so the experience isn’t quite identical, but this is as close as most people will get without investing in one of the bulkier originals (which may require a lot of maintenance). Do you have any experience with 1UPArcade cabinets, and are you thinking you might want to add Outrun to your collection?

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