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New ‘Majora’s Mask’ Fan-Film Teaser Revealed



Although we’re a bit late on reporting this, considering this teaser was revealed back during E3, it’s simply too enticing to ignore. A collaboration between entertainment studio Ember Lab and music producer Theopany, the first teaser for a very promising-looking fan-film based on ‘The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask‘ has been revealed. One of the more impressive looking CGI efforts to come out of a fan production, the short 42-second teaser showcases beautiful animation and a snippet of a soundtrack that’ll give any diehard Zelda fan goosebumps.

Not much is known about the film, such as how long it will be or what aspects of the plot it aims to cover, but from what we’ve been teased with, it can be assumed that the end product will be breathtaking nonetheless. Theopany already has a history with projects related to Majora’s Mask; back in 2012, they released an album of remixes of the game’s soundtrack, entitled Time’s End. With all the hype surrounding the Zelda franchise with the recent reveal of Breath of the Wild, this incredibly detailed and lovingly-crafted rendition of one of the series’ most timeless installments is more than welcome.

This ambitious new project is slated to release within the later half of this year.

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