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New Game Coming to Game Boy in 2020



When the Game Boy arrived in the late ‘80s, it was an instant sensation and the first internationally successful handheld gaming system. Nintendo sold out its entire first run in Japan in two weeks and in North America it sold a whopping one million units in just under two weeks. To say Nintendo’s miniature was a phenomenon is an understatement. 

It isn’t a surprise that we are huge fans of modest gray brick. It wasn’t that long ago we published this tribute and also ranked our favourite Game Boy games— not to mention we also named one of our podcasts after Nintendo’s portable system— which is why this bit of news has us excited.

When they say the Game Boy was built like a brick, they weren’t lying. Even thirty-plus years, many of us still have a fully-functioning Game Boy that some of us still play. And now, we have a brand new game to play thanks to Dan Puch, a Game Boy game developer living in Barcelona. After developing several other Game Boy games (including Micro Doctor, Lunar Journey, Submarine 9, Leo Legend), Dan is back with another project titled Where is my body?.

Thanks to Kickstarter, the first milestone to fund the production and development of the 8-bit point and click adventure has been achieved.

Inspired by titles such as Maniac MansionWhere Is My Body? is a game in which you will have to take on the role of a hand which has to solve different mysteries and follow the thread of the story in two chapters.

There are still 17 days to keep funding Where Is My Body? and achieve the next milestones to create the packaging and the instruction booklet, and add new content within the game. If you are interested in backing the project and want to learn more, we recommend visiting the Kickstarter page.

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