New ‘Bloodborne’ Enemy Discovered Nearly 3 Years After Release

by Mike Worby
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You might recall Bloodborne as a critical darling of 2015, and one of the first real reasons for consumers to go out and grab themselves a PS4. As of today, however, Bloodborne has found itself as the holder of another honor: the ability to hide an enemy from one of the most obsessive fan bases in gaming for nearly 3 years!

As reported by Kotaku earlier, a player who goes by the moniker of KolbrotKommander created a Chalice Dungeon with the entry code of pa6ssc6u where he and the players who joined him made the discovery of an enemy that many had speculated had been cut from the game.

Though the enemy had shown up in a trailer or two leading up to the release of the game, the fact that no one had spotted it in all of the time since Bloodborne originally released way back in March of 2015 led to the natural assumption that the enemy was not in the game.

However, since Chalice Dungeons are randomly generated using a preset algorithm of the game’s code, it could be that this enemy just never appeared until just recently. Though it’s more likely that more casual players have run into this dubious creature without realizing it was a rare event, the possibility does indeed exist that this is the first time the creature has ever appeared.

This opens up further exciting possibilities that still more undiscovered wonders might be lurking in a Chalice Dungeon out there. What else could be hiding in From Software’s delectable world of Lovecraftian horrors? Only time will tell!

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Rob Younger November 21, 2017 - 11:13 pm

Now that is pretty remarkable. I must’ve played Bloodborne a dozen times to completion and I can verify I have never seen this thing in my life. Reminds me of the old Dark Souls days when new things were being discovered on a regular basis

Mike Worby November 23, 2017 - 8:42 am

It’s pretty wild, especially considering how religiously some people have played this game.


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