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NES ‘Duck Hunt’ Inspired Map Forged in ‘Halo 5’



While some of you might still be twiddling your thumbs waiting for the Virtual Console (or something similar) to launch on the Nintendo Switch, Halo 5 player “Spartan Blood 1” has created his own virtual Nintendo fun with a Forge-made rendition of the classic NES title, Duck Hunt.

Check it out in this video courtesy of Unsorted Gaming.

Of course, this isn’t an emulation of the original Duck Hunt game, but rather a goofy homage to everyone’s favorite (or maybe not-so-favorite, considering the Zapper only worked for me 50% of the time) first-person wild game hunting simulator. Well, that’s possibly a stretch, but it’s the only game where you may have a chance of finding one half of The Odd Couple trapped inside.

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