Nintendo Fan Creates a Nintendo Switch Dock out of an N64

by Antonia Haynes

There have been a variety of custom made docks for the Nintendo Switch made by some creative and dedicated fans. The latest dock to gain some attention online is one made by Reddit user “slum_boy”. The dock has been made from an old Nintendo 64 and slum_boy lovingly names it the “Nintendo Switchty-Four”. Beautiful stuff.

Slum_boy explains the entire process in detail on his Reddit- I’ll link it here so you can take a look. He explains that he found the Nintendo 64 at a garage sale and removed the parts to that he could add the Switch hardware to it. He also alleviates the worries of those concerned that he ripped apart a perfectly good N64, explaining that the console was broken when he got it. In the comment section, he also explains that he is still trying to figure out a method to charge the joy-cons- the controllers for the Switch- within the N64 dock.

slum_boys set up involves GameCube controllers too.

The N64 dock joins the rank of other consoles that have been transformed into Switch docks by fans- such as the NES dock and the GameCube dock– as well as the general custom made docks that fans have created- like the beautifully made Link’s Awakening Dock or the Super Mario Odyssey fan made dock. It is projects like these that highlight the creativity and innovation of gamers as well as their technical know-how.

The beautiful 3-D printed Link’s Awakening Switch Dock

Check out the Etsy links below with more information on some custom docks and how to buy them.

Links Awakening
Super Mario Odyssey
Animal Crossing

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