Mom Tosses Collection of Retro Games and Hardware Valued at Estimated $500K

by Jason Venter

Many of us have moved away from home at some point, as we got older and living under our parents’ roof and rules got to be a bit much. We still loved them, though, at least enough to leave behind some stuff we knew we’d be back for later. But sometimes “later” doesn’t come. Sometimes, we let it wait until it’s too late, as one gamer recently discovered to the tune of around $500,000.

As reported at VG24/7, a gamer who on Twitter goes by the name jnlgame, recently checked up on the collection of retro games, hardware, comics, skateboards and other such items he left at his mother’s place. He was dismayed to discover that at some point during the last few years, she got rid of it without consulting him.

“Well, by my estimate I lost well over $500k of games,” jnlgame tweeted. “I left my old stuff in storage (my mom’s home). Today I found out she threw out my Ataris, Coleco, Intelli, Famicom, S Famicom, TGfx, PCE, NG AES, MegaDrive, Master System, basically every system and game I never took with me.”

At least one of the account’s other tweets, where he joked “people are gonna die,” has since been removed. However, it’s clear he is somewhat distraught and not without reason. In recent years, the value of retro games–and in particular, sealed ones–has climbed dramatically. This particular individual, who apparently owns a game shop and should have had plenty of his own space to store retro games of his own, apparently had a thing for never opening his stuff. $500,000 might not even be an unrealistic estimate for the total loss.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, as we were, that it’s a good thing you’ve never had $500,000 worth of games in your life. Of course, you’re right. But maybe there’s something in a box back home, and maybe your parents are thinking right now that they probably ought to toss it, that if you really cared it you would have come and hauled it away by now. Myself, I just barely saved my box of old “Nintendo Power” magazines and my collection of NES game boxes and manuals (pictured).

Have you ever lost a collection of retro games (or something similar) that meant a great deal to you? Could you have maybe sold it for enough money to buy yourself a nice house along the edge of the suburbs? Feel free to share your pain right here. It might even make you feel a little better!

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