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Modders Create An Etika Mod for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate to Pay Tribute to the YouTuber



There’s nothing better than when the video game community comes together to celebrate the life of someone who is no longer with us and that is exactly what happened with this particular mod for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. The mod brings YouTuber Etika- whose real name was Desmond Daniel Amofah and committed suicide in 2019- into the popular brawler game.

The mod was commissioned by JoyConJames– who instructed the modders on what voice clips to use for what moves- and created by @Demonslayerx8 and @Supernova384 with the character model created by YouTuber Epicwazy. The mod was originally just going to be a personal inclusion into Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for JoyConJames– a long-time fan of the sadly departed YouTuber. However, with today- May 12th– being Etika’s birthday, he decided to release the mod to the public in celebration of the YouTubers life.

Etika was known for his Super Smash Brothers content- particularly his fighter reveal reactions- so this mod is a wonderful tribute to his legacy. You can only imagine how he would have reacted to seeing himself in the game! It is a bittersweet yet highly fitting tribute and a great example of the positive side of the gaming community. The mod is available to download now at the link here.

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