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This Redditor’s Mod Makes It Possible To Explore Clementine’s House in The Walking Dead Game



The Walking Dead Game is one of my all-time favourite games and whilst the final season was satisfying enough, there was so much potential that couldn’t be reached for many reasons (such as the whole studio closure thing that happened half way through the season). With the right time, the team behind The Final Season could have easily created more as demonstrated by the amount of cut content that can be found in the files

There was confirmation from some of the team who worked on the game as well as within the art galleries that there was initially a plan– or at least consideration- to go back to Clementine’s house where we found her way back in season one of The Walking Dead Game. I’m so sad that this wasn’t explored but one super fan has gone out of their way to bring this idea of The Final Season Clementine returning home one step closer to reality. At least a little bit, anyway. The model of the abandoned and dilapidated version of the house became a part of the main menu for The Walking Dead: The Definitive Edition and Redditor and animator u/changemymindpls1 -with the assistance of u/droyti – manually loaded and recreated the house, allowing for a bit of exploration within the house and the surrounding area.

Super fans of The Walking Dead Game series- like myself- are sure to get a kick out of this- and maybe even feel a little emotional- as it reflects what could have been had the developers been able to bring this concept into The Final Season. It is awesome to be able to see the full model of the house years later as the developers obviously put a lot of effort into it. There is a lot of detail involved here, so much so that it makes me think that a return to the house would have been a significant plot point of The Final Season, though that’s just speculation on my part. I really wish this could have come to fruition in game. We did get an awesome dream sequence involving Lee and little Clementine, but it is upsetting to know that there could have been so much more. At least u/changemymindpls1 has made it possible for us to imagine what Clementine going home could have looked like.

Have a look at the video of u/changemymindpls1 having a wander around the model of the house above and check out their Reddit post for more information on how they were able to achieve this.

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