Minecraft Steve Is Joining The Battle in ‘Super Smash Brothers Ultimate’

by Antonia Haynes

It’s happening. Minecraft is officially joining forces with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as revealed in the Super Smash presentation from earlier today.  Enter witty block pun here. Minecraft Steve is the latest in the pretty hefty roster and he will be joined by Minecraft Alex- basically the female version of Steve- as well as enemies from the game:  Zombie and the Enderman.  Let’s take a look at what Steve’s inclusion in Super Smash is going to include.

Mario is all of us right now.

As with all of the other new fighters added to the Smash roster, Nintendo will be introducing new stages and music into the game specifically related to that particular franchise. The Minecraft world also poses a new challenge for the Super Smash team in terms of the technological aspects. Director of the series Masahiro Sakurai spoke about the process after the reveal and discussed how the programming is a challenge due to existing stages needing to be reworked so that Minecraft style blocks can be added.

The reveal has had some mixed reviews from fans on social media but the next DLC fighter has certainly been a talking point, even briefly crashing Twitter due to the amount of people talking about it. More details will be revealed about the gameplay of the Minecraft characters in an event on October 3rd. The event will take place at 7.30am PT, 10.30am ET and 3.30pm BST. Have a look at the reveal trailer for Minecraft Steve, Alex, Enderman and Zombie above.

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