‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Nuke Count on the PS3 Reaches Zero (Briefly)

by Antonia Haynes

An achievement once thought impossible has finally become a reality for anyone out there who is still playing Metal Gear Solid V on the PlayStation 3. In the game, players are able to build nukes whenever they so please and so for every single one to be destroyed seemed unmanageable. However-with the decline of players on the previous generation of PlayStation console- today we finally saw the elimination of the PS3 nukes. A special 8- minute cut scene built into the code for the game was played for those still playing Metal Gear Solid V on their PlayStation 3. This scene was accidentally leaked a few years ago by Konami but there is no doubt that there is a certain pride to be had in earning the cut scene.


A website known as MSGV Nuke Watcher details that there are still around 19,200 Nukes on PC, almost 2,500 on PlayStation 4 and an additional 51 on PlayStation 3 since the number fell to zero (way to go guys, nuclear war is back on I guess) but we can still consider today- July 29th– as the day that we managed to abolish all nukes.

All nukes on Metal Gear Solid V for PlayStation 3 that is.

Only temporarily though.

Take your victories where you can.

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