McDonalds and Pokémon Look to be Teaming Up for the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon this February

by Antonia Haynes

Thanks to a keen eyed Pokémon fan, it would seem like a McDonald’s promotional event featuring Pokémon is going to be happening next month. This February will mark the 25th anniversary of Pokémon and so there is bound to be tons of reveals and content for the much beloved Japanese franchise. One of the promotional events was advertised in a McDonald’s restaurant and thanks to these pictures, we get a good look at what the promotion is going to include.  

Reported by the PokeBeach fan site– with photographs taken by Miguel Lozada and posted on his Twitter– the promotional event looks like it will be offering various Pokémon products- such as trading cards and stickers- alongside the classic kids Happy Meal. According to the description on the promotional poster, each Happy Meal will come with “4 Pokémon Trading Card Game Cards featuring Pokémon from every region”. There’s also an image of the Pokémon cards that will be included in the promotion, all of which are reprints with a logo for the 25th Anniversary celebration.

The cards look genuinely pretty cool and I’m certain that will be a ton people trying to collect them all. Not just children of course. I would happily indulge in this promotion, so I hope that we get it over here in the UK too!

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