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Gamescom 2020: The ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Trailer that Looks Way Better Than the Actual Game



Video game trailers that outshine the actual game are nothing new. One of the biggest offenders was Dead Island back in 2011, with a trailer so emotional and profound that it sparked a wave of media attention. The game itself didn’t quite live up to expectations in terms of narrative, gameplay or graphics so Dead Island quickly fell into video game obscurity. Not terrible, but not as fantastic as the marketing suggested. It is a tale as old as time itself. Set expectations too high with misleading advertising and you will find yourself remembered only for the awesome promotion rather than the product itself. Even a company as gigantic as Marvel is not immune to this.

A cinematic trailer for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers– releasing this coming Friday, September 4th– shows off a vibrant world. The characters are colourful and their abilities are amazing (but damn, those civilian causalities must be though the roof).  Of course, this is a cinematic trailer so you have to take what you see with a pinch of salt. That being said, this is still marketing material intended to represent a game. This trailer does not seem to do that. Admittedly, I haven’t played Marvel’s Avengers yet but I have watched various clips of gameplay on YouTube from both the actual game and the beta that was available beforehand. The colour scheme is drearily dismal in comparison to this cinematic, as is the combat. The character designs are far more polished in the trailer, though that is more to be expected due to it being cinematic. There is way more personality in the trailer than anything I have seen of the actual game. This is my humble opinion and I don’t want to judge too harshly until I actually get a chance to play the official Marvel game, but I tend to get frustrated with these kinds of trailers. Yes, they are cinematics. Yes, they aren’t meant to represent exact gameplay. But when you show people actually playing and reacting to the game in your trailer, you’re kind of asking to be criticised when the game does not look anything like it.

If you ordered the deluxe edition of Marvel’s Avengers, you will likely have your own opinions forming by now as those who ordered this edition have already received the game. So far, reactions seem mixed. Some are straight up calling the game a mess of micro transactions, gruelling grinding to level up and bizarre bugs. Others say that despite its issues, it is still a fun game that Marvel fans will enjoy. Personally ,I have been looking forward to this game since the reveal trailer three years ago but the reactions I’m seeing aren’t majorly promising. Hopefully we will get a broader view on Marvel’s Avengers when it is released on Friday. Have a look at the cinematic Gamescom trailer for yourself below.

Marvel’ Avengers releases September 4th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. Our review of the game will be available soon, so make sure to have a read.

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