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This ‘Mario Maker 2’ Course is a Stroke of Genius



Both of Nintendo’s Mario Maker games have been known to have some pretty insane courses made by its users. The game, which allows players to make their very own Mario levels, is designed to inspire and get the creative juices flowing from players. Whilst some opt to create some logical and challenging courses, others choose to make insanely impossible levels or sometimes, a colorful and artistic course. Mario Maker can bring out the best, brightest and sometimes most bizarre designs from its community, but there is one creator who recently went above and beyond to create a level that is nothing less than pure genius.
A German user by the name of Helgefan created a course called The Cluttered Chaos Calculator 2. You might have guessed from the name that the level is a follow up to the original Cluttered Chaos Calculator from the first Mario Maker and is a functioning calculator which allows the player to pick two numbers between 0 and 9 and choose whether to add them together or subtract them. Once that is done, the player has to stand completely still. What follows is three minutes of insane level design as Mario is taken through the plethora of switches and shells and much more as the calculator does its thing. The end result pops up in block form and at first seems to be wrong until a group of Bob-ombs show up and explode the blocks, revealing the right answer underneath.
There is something whimsical and fun about watching the calculator contraption go about figuring out the answer. It reminded me of the infamous Breakfast Machine from the Pee Wee movie (yes that one, not the one from Family Guy that just shoots you in the arm at the end). It is all a bit of a long and pointless process to get to a simple conclusion, but you can’t help but feel captivated by the craftsmanship and effort that has clearly gone into making it. Helgefan is clearly living three steps ahead of us mere mortals. Have a look at the YouTube video below from BeardBear to see how the calculator works or to try out the level for yourself, check it out on the Level ID C81-8H4-RGG. You can also have a read of our Mario Maker 2 review here. 

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