‘Mario Kart Tour’ Races to First Place in the Mobile Scene

by Antonia Haynes

Nintendo has managed to break its own record when it comes to mobile titles with the recent release of the Mario Kart spin off mobile game Mario Kart Tour.

How much money did Mario Kart Tour make?

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s largest franchises so it is no surprise that the title has branched out to the mobile market. Despite Mario Kart Tour receiving mixed reviews (including some downright terrible ones) the game managed to break a number of records by being downloaded around 90 million times in the first week of release. These impressive numbers make Mario Kart Tour the largest launch for a Nintendo mobile game yet, beating the likes of Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Sensor Tower provided a chart (seen below) to show just how far ahead Mario Kart Tour is in terms of unique downloads since its release on September 25th. The website also shows that Android is the most popular platform for the game, achieving 53.5 million downloads via Android and a further 36.5 million on iOS.

Even though the game has clearly caught the attention of Nintendo and Mario fans, it has not attracted as much in terms of actual purchases within the game. It trails behind in third place in regards to audience spending. Fire Emblem Heroes comes in first with $28.2 million made in the last month and Super Mario Run takes second place with $16.1 million. Mario Kart Tour does have a trial period for the first two weeks so it is likely that sales will increase following this.

It is clear that Mario is still a strong mascot of Nintendo whose games attract a wide audience across all gaming platforms. With games like Mario Kart Tour clearly making a mark in the mobile gaming world, hopefully the popularity and the quality of Nintendo games for all devices will continue to grow.

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