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Video of the Day: Rare Studios reveals the making of ‘Perfect Dark’



One of the best games released on the Nintendo 64 is arguably Perfect Dark, a first-person shooter developed by Rare. It is considered the spiritual successor to Rare’s earlier first-person shooter GoldenEye 007, but without the restrictions of a license, Rare was able to implement whatever crazy ideas they wanted, without worrying if it fit into the Bond universe or not. The developers drew inspiration from Blade Runner, Ghost In the Shell and the story of Joan of Arc and produced one of the most stylish and innovative games ever made. Perfect Dark features one of the coolest protagonists (agent Joanna Dark) and an assortment of unique weapons such as a laptop that turns into an automatic weapon; a machine gun that can render you invisible; a one-hit-kill sniper rifle that can track through walls and even pinball hand grenades. Everything about this game is great and the history behind the making of it is just as fascinating. After releasing a feature on the never released Project Dream, Rare has also released another fun video, this time looking back at the history behind their dystopian sci-fi thriller. Watch the video below. Enjoy!

This article is part of our month-long spotlight on Rare Studios.

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