The London Underground Has Been Taken Over By Sony To Celebrate the Release of the PlayStation 5.

by Antonia Haynes
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If there is one thing we Brits know how to do right, its market the next generation of console apparently. This awesomely innovative marketing stunt- celebrating the release of the PlayStation 5 here in the UK tomorrow on November 19th- is a stroke of genius that truly highlights the global scale of the gaming industries popularity.

Sony has taken over the London Underground with this marketing tactic and brilliantly changed the infamous circular underground signs to match those of the buttons on a PlayStation controller. As well as the classic circle sign, there is now a blue cross, green triangle and pink square (which is hilariously placed outside a Microsoft building in London. Sony, you absolute trolls). This is a fantastic way to market a new console. By cleverly incorporating their product into something as well known as the underground signs, Sony has outdone themselves when it comes to bringing attention to the new console. Unfortunately, far fewer people will likely see this marketing ploy than usual due to currently being in the midst of a second lockdown here in the UK. Of course, there are still essential workers and those who cannot work from home so at least the stunt isn’t completely going to waste thanks to Covid.

The huge PlayStation button symbols were created by a firm called A.J Wells and Sons in The Isle of Wight over here in the UK. The symbols will be up for two days before they are removed and brought to Sony’s London offices to become a permanent part of their décor.

The PlayStation 5 is out tomorrow in the UK and the rest of the world after a hugely successful launch in the first few countries last week.

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