The Lodgers | A Twin Peaks Podcast: Episode One, “Pilot”

by Simon Howell
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Twin Peaks Podcast

Sordid Cinema’s dedicated Twin Peaks podcast has arrived. The Lodgers will see Kate Rennebohm, Simon Howell, and an assortment of guests tackle the entire series run, leading up to (and including!) the new season landing in May. On the inaugural edition, Kate and Simon take a deep dive into the double pilot, ponder the European cut, and note some of the more astonishing facts of the series’ production, release, and reception.

First-time viewers, be aware that The Lodgers is a spoiler-free podcast!

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Ricky D February 16, 2017 - 8:19 pm

This podcast is amazing. When can I guest host? I am now watching the pilot and I plan to watch all the episodes throughout the following weeks while I listen.


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