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Link Gets Grilled (See What I Did There?) In This Breath of the Wild Fanart



Ever wondered what a crossover between The Legend of Zelda and Hell’s Kitchen might look like? Me neither but I’m pleasantly surprised that illustrator Daniel Castro Maia had that thought and decided to act on it. A piece of Maia’s fan art from January 2020 (remember those innocent times when we were blissfully unaware of how everything was about to go to hell in a handbasket? Again, me neither) but it recently blew up again following a viral reposting from Twitter user @Katixxia. The piece is a crossover that is unexpected expecting certainly not unwanted: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game for the Nintendo Switch and infamous angry chef Gordon Ramsay.

The artwork shows Link sobbing over a fire as Gordon Ramsay berates him for his poorly cooked cuccoo breast. The text of the Tweet reads, “Why did the cuccoo cross the road? Because you didn’t COOK IT!” This is clearly a kid friendly version of the actual scenario as we all know that there would be way more expletives thrown in there if this were to happen. Not only is this a fantastic and hilarious concept that has me longing to see Gordon Ramsay thrown into many more video game cooking situations (I can just seem him now ripping Cooking Mama to pieces), it is also incredibly well done and a testament to Maia’s talent as an artist. Now please draw Ramsay making a mockery out of Minecraft Steve’s Pork chops or the Pokémon Trainers curry.

Make sure to check out Daniel Castro Maia on his Twitter and Instagram for more of his work.

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