‘Legend of Zelda’ is getting a set of trading cards

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As someone who collects just about anything Nintendo-related, and as someone who used to collect hockey trading cards, I am extremely excited about the following news. The Big N has licensed a set of Legend of Zelda trading cards, which come with decal stickers and temporary tattoos.

They’ve gone up for pre-order at EB Games in Australia, (pegged for release on 30th June), and cover five classic Zelda games. There are also booster packs available which have six random cards and one decal / tattoo, with a cost of $6AUS. Check out the info below.

The Legend of Zelda trading cards are here! This brand is incredibly popular right now with best-selling games, books, and more! There are two major game releases this year, including the new HD version of The Twilight Princess in March and an all new game “coming soon”. This stunning set will include images from 5 different games! Look for your favorite characters and icons in high quality trading cards, foil cards, tattoos, decal stickers (Clear and foil-stamped), and tattoos.


Cards from 5 Games:

Twilight Princes

Majora’s Mask

A Link Between Worlds

Ocarina of Time

Skyward Sword

Approx. 85 Cards in the Base Set including:

Foil Cards!

23 regular

8 Gold Foil Cards

12 Decal Stickers (1:2 Packs)

9 Tattoos

original (1)

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