‘Left 4 Dead 2’ Gets a Community Made Update 10 Years After Its Release

by Antonia Haynes

2020 has been a pretty awful year for all of us but it has been nothing if not full of surprises. Some of these surprises haven’t been entirely negative, and this odd but not unwelcome update for a ten year old game is certainly one of my gaming highlights this year. Representing a community coming together to celebrate their love of a game, The Last Stand expanded campaign is a fantastic fan made labour of love.

The Last Stand is an anomaly as it is- as I mentioned- created by the Left 4 Dead community entirely. Valve– developers of the Left 4 Dead series- have a habit of leaving fans hanging with their games. Two particular Valve game franchises that are screaming out for sequels are Left 4 Dead and Half-Life (there are just too many Half Life 3 jokes to attempt at this point). With Valve turning their attentions almost entirely to their video game distribution service Steam, the fans have taken it upon themselves to update Left 4 Dead 2.

 This community made update contains a plethora of new features. The update includes an expanded new campaign based on The Lighthouse Survival map, twenty Survival Arenas and four Scavenge Arenas. Not only that but there are also new animations and dialogue pulled from unused voiceover files as well as brand spanking new melee weapons, bug fixes, UI improvements and achievements to name a few. All eight characters seem to playable from over the course of the two games too. Fans have truly gone out of their way to expand on and enhance the Left 4 Dead experience.

Although Valve hasn’t created much content for their games themselves in the last few years- except for a random VR title based on Half Life– it is great that they are supporting and marketing this incredibly professional community project. You can play The Last Stand update now on Steam and for more info, check out the official website and the trailer below.

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