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Fan-Made Animation of ‘The Last of Us: Part Two’ Characters Boogying Down is Essential Viewing



Warning: some spoilers and plot points from The Last of Us: Part Two

Twitter is a gold mine of absolutely fantastic and often hilarious fan made content of any franchise imaginable and if you’re a frequenter of our blog, you’ll know how much I love to highlight some of my favourite fan creations. Twitter user Katarina- @AbbyStanAccount– is the latest to create something that has quickly shot its way to the top of my absolute favourites.

Katarina’s Twitter is full of cool animations that utilise character models from The Last of Us: Part Two. She is also an aspiring character artist so I will link her Art Station, Etsy and Redbubble accounts here. One of her recent creations has truly struck a chord with viewers. The animation uses the 3D character models from The Last of Us: Part Two to create a dancing montage- set to the tune of “Staying Alive” By The Bee Gees- featuring several of the games characters. It’s perfection. Utter perfection. From the song choice to the dance moves, it is beauty and grace in the purest form. The characters involved are Joel (the irony of that song choice though), Ellie, Dina, Abby and Owen. As the group get their groove on, it becomes more and more difficult to stop watching them strut their stuff. There is then a special appearance from a surprise character: JJ- Dina and Jesse’s infant son. He has some of the freshest moves I’ve ever seen to be honest. He break dances. The baby break dances. Do I need to say more? Just go and watch it now.

Like I said, definitely go and check out Katarina’s social media as she is a super talented 3D artist in her own right as well as when it comes to making video game characters bust a move. I think it’s so important to support these creators so they can grow and continue to keep us thoroughly entertained for years to come. Thank you Katarina for this glorious content. Not all heroes wear capes.

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