Lamar Roasts Franklin in Real Life as the Actors Recreate the Internet’s Favourite Grand Theft Auto V Scene

by Antonia Haynes

If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto V– or are just a connoisseur of only the finest quality memes- then you probably know what I’m talking about when I mention THAT burn that Franklin gets from his friend Lamar early on in the game. The phrase “yee yee ass haircut” will go down in roasting history. Franklin’s confused “What??” at the end of the exchange is what always made it all the satisfying in my humble opinion.  It’s a funny and random moment that captured the attention of gamers everywhere. So of course, the Internet latched on to it.

For some reason, this moment recently got even more attention on the Internet. It’s only been seven years since the game released so sure, why not now? Some amazing fan made versions of the scene include famous characters taking on the role of Lamar via game mods and giving Franklin a dressing down, such as Kermit the frog, Spongebob Squarepants and even Mario. It’s all a bit surreal to be honest. My personal favourites are the ones that change up the dialogue a bit, such as Darth Vader- who claims that he “joined the dark side and smacked some backsides”- and Harry Potter- who ends the exchange with a very polite “acquaintance.”

The best recreation of the scene has to go to the actual actors who played the characters in the game. Shawn Fonteno- who played Franklin- and Slink Johnson- Lamar- recreate the now infamous scene with the help of PlayStation Haven (who have an awesome series of GTA V real life comparisons) and it is glorious. From the camera angles to the location and even the little gestures that both characters did in the in-game scene, this recreation is just too perfect. This scene was always popular- even seven years ago- but as meme culture has expanded to the point where they have the ability to become relevant even in the real world, it is satisfying to see the popular moment being utilised to the fullest. Good job Internet. Good job. Have a look at the recreation above and for a compilation of some of the funniest takes on the scene; check out the video below by The Meme Sheep.

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