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Kratos asked, “Who’s Next?” Ragnarök’s Director May Have Answered



God of War: Ragnarok

Without a doubt, one of the most hotly anticipated games of next year is the now officially titled God of War: Ragnarök. While the game looks to be shaping up nicely and poised to offer another Spartan  Rage level of third-person action, the title itself is one of the most curious things to come out of  Thursday’s PlayStation showcase. At face value, the trailer shown, and subsequent information provided depicts what looks to be another grade A adventure, but when evaluated more closely there appears to hint at what the future of the franchise might hold. 

In a post-show interview, Ragnarök’s new director Eric Williams gave fans the single biggest hint thus far, functioning as the catalyst internet sleuths needed to do some investigating. During that  interview Williams said, “You can’t call the game God of War: Ragnarök and not have Ragnarök happen  in the game, so you know, it’s gonna happen, we’re gonna cap off the Norse series with it and I think  Chris Judge said it best in the announce trailer last year, prepare yourselves.” This quote alone left fans reeling, wondering if Ragnarök would be the watery end to the storied franchise. But a few Reddit users have pieced together contextual clues pointing toward another long journey for the ashen antihero.  

Image: Santa Monica Studio

Prior to God of War (2018), the series focused on Kratos’ conquest of the Greek Gods culminating in his forgiving himself and killing the God-king Zeus. As God of War (2018) shifted the series setting to  Norse Mythology there was, appropriately, a lack of any Greek iconography apart from a few things clearly defined as belonging to Kratos. Starting in 2018 the series was all Norse everything…until now.  

Throughout the trailer that served as our first look at the game, there were several mentions of the  Norse god Tyr. Based on both Atreus’ mentioning him and Kratos’ interaction with him it is reasonable to assume that Tyr will play a significant role in the upcoming epic. After the showcase, Sony released character images of some of the game’s most important characters including Kratos, Atreus, Thor, and  Tyr. Upon closer inspection of the Tyr image, Reddit user u/vanitas14 noticed that there appear to be  Egyptian hieroglyphs tattooed on Tyr’s left forearm. Our knowing that Kratos was able to move from  Greek mythology to Norse mythology implies that it wouldn’t be impossible for Tyr to move between  Norse and Egyptian mythology.  

Williams’ quote combined with Tyr’s tattoos may not be enough to believe that the Egyptian Gods could be next on Kratos’ list though. It could take Kratos actually going to Egypt or an Egypt-like setting to convince many, and fortunately. it looks as though the God of War himself may do just that. Another keen-eyed Reddit user u/Primicerius47 noticed that starting at the 2:21 mark in the trailer, for all of three seconds, a unique-looking plant appeared on screen in the background during one of Kratos many brawls.  Yet another Redditor u/Elbobosan identified the plant as a giant groundsel, a species native to Africa and commonly found in…Egypt.  

God of War: Ragnarök
Image: Santa Monica Studio
Image: Santa Monica Studio

So, while Tyr’s tattoos and the identification of a plant independently may not be anything more than ongoing proven attention to detail, the two combined with Williams’ comments lead us to believe that there may be a desert in Kratos’ future, but only time will tell. At the time of writing this, God of War:  Ragnarök is scheduled for a 2022 release and we here at Goomba Stomp could not be more excited. 

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