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Legendary PlayStation Founder Ken Kutaragi is Turning His Talents to Robotics



When it comes to influential technological whizzes that have made a huge impact on the gaming industry, Ken Kutaragi is one of the elites. The Japanese engineering technologist, businessman and former CEO and chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kutaragi will go down in gaming history as the “Father of the PlayStation” due to his overseeing of all the PlayStation consoles up to the PlayStation 4. His recent project is a little different from his gaming background, but equally impressive.

Kutaragi has been the CEO of Tokyo’s Ascent Robotic Inc– an artificial intelligence company- since August 2020. The company is a start-up- Kutaragi doesn’t get paid for the work he does with them- and aims to create robots that are both affordable and safe so that they can work in factories and other kinds of logistic centres alongside humans. Whilst this does sound like an innovative idea, here’s hoping that the robots don’t go the same way that they seem to in the very video games that Kutaragi helped pioneer with the development of the PlayStation. In case you couldn’t tell, by that I mean murderous robots. We do not need murderous robots.

In all seriousness, this sounds like a brilliantly worthwhile and innovative project with a lot of potential. Hopefully, Kutagari’s input and influence will help the start-up to flourish and achieve their goals of adaptive and helpful artificial intelligence. Check out Kutagari’s interview with Bloomberg about the project above.

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