The Kadabra Pokémon Card Can Now Make a Comeback As Uri Geller Drops his Twenty Year Lawsuit

by Antonia Haynes

The 2000’s was an odd time for everyone, including the Pokémon franchise. Way back in the year 2000,magician, illusionist and “psychic” (using the term loosely) Uri Geller was unhappy with Nintendo due to their Pokémon Kadabra. Kadabra- also known as Yungera/Yungeller in Japanese- is a psychic Pokémon whom Geller claimed was based off his own image, due to Geller’s most well-known trick being his spoon bending and Kadabra’s design including spoons. Because why not accessorise with cutlery? This led to legal action, with Geller attempting to sue Nintendo over the Pokémon and claiming that the company were making money out of his image and had “turned him into an evil, occult Pokémon character”. Not sure that he is that familiar with the franchise or the character if he feels the need to call a Pokémon “evil” but I digress. Twenty years later and Geller has apologized for his lawsuit, making it possible for a Kadabra card to make a comeback.

Although the lawsuit was dismissed in 2003, Nintendo honoured Geller’s request by removing the character from their trading cards, though Kadabra was still able to appear in the video game series. Geller is now allowing the ban to be lifted, citing the importance of the characters influence on the younger generation as the reasoning behind his decision in his Tweet which I will post below. He also apologised for his decision and showed off a bag full of various Kadabra merchandise. In fairness, the Japanese version of Kadabra’s name- Yungeller more so than Yungera- is very similar to Geller’s name. There is also no doubt that the use of spoons in Kadabra’s design and the creature’s psychic nature are all similar to Geller’s public image. That being said, I don’t think Geller’s initial court case was entirely justified. There’s no space for politics on the blog here so that’s all I will say on the matter. Whether you think Geller’s apology is sincere or not is up to you. What is truly important with this story is that we could finally get a Kadabra trading card comeback, spoons and all.

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