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Jeopardy! Vintage Episodes to Air This Month, Including Alex Trebek’s First Time Hosting

An Entire Month of Vintage Episodes of Jeopardy!

When it comes to game shows, Jeopardy! is arguably the greatest.

The Price is Right may be the longest-running game show and Wheel of Fortune might be a nightly ritual for millions of Americans, but nothing beats Jeopardy!— and there is no game show host alive today that is as popular and universally loved than Mr. Alex Trebek (apologies to Pat Sajak).

The ultimate game of knowledge first ran on NBC from 1964 to 1975 with Art Fleming as host but it was the Alex Trebek revival in 1984 that really boosted the show’s popularity and ratings.

Now in his 36th season, Trebek has been taking a break from the series, not only due to the coronavirus pandemic but also because he’s been undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. Because of this, there have been more reruns airing than usual, and starting this week, the long-running quiz show will air a four-week retrospective series featuring episodes from way back in the archives.

In a video posted to the show’s website and social media accounts, Trebek announced he’s been working from home, where he is recording show openings for a vintage Jeopardy! episode series which begins Monday, July 20, and will feature 20 memorable installments from the show’s run, including the 1984 series premiere of its daily syndicated version.

“What is incredible about Jeopardy! is that it has historical importance while remaining culturally relevant today,” executive producer Mike Richards said in a statement. “I know our fans will love the nostalgia while still enjoying the gameplay. A lot has changed over the years – the set, the pace of the game…the mustache! – but the ability to play along is timeless.”

Here’s how the Jeopardy! retrospective will play out…

July 20 to July 24: The best of Jeopardy!‘s first decade, featuring five exciting episodes from the 1980s (including the series premiere and the arrival of the show’s first “super-champion”).

July 27 to July 31: The best of Celebrity Jeopardy!, featuring five of the most entertaining celebrity games ever.

Aug. 3 to Aug. 14 (two weeks): An encore presentation of the 2002 “Million Dollar Masters” tournament, which featured 15 of the best contestants from the first 18 seasons of the show.


The native of Sudbury, Ontario, says he’s also been working on his memoir, The Answer Is … Reflections on My Life. The book hits shelves Tuesday, the day before Trebek’s 80th birthday.

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