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Japanese Company Creates a Giant Life-Sized Gundam Anime Robot



Gundam robot

Big in Japan

This isn’t something you see every day…

A Japanese company has created a life-sized Gundum robot that stands at a whopping 59-feet tall.

The enormous robot was unveiled Monday in a Twitter video (embedded below) by the animation website Catsuka, and showed the giant contraption moving its head, arms, legs, and torso — and at one point, even kneeling down!

“Life-sized Gundam in Yokohama is now in testing mode,” the animation site wrote beside the clip.

Based on the multibillion-dollar Gundam franchise (which has expanded to include films, manga, plastic models and video games), the giant robot took six years to create; was built on a mechanical skeleton; and stands 59 feet tall and weighs 55,000-pounds.

The robot was supposed to become the centrepiece of Gundam Factory Yokohama, south of Tokyo, on October 1st, but due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve decided to delay the event until later in the year, according to the site’s operator.

“This decision was made to ensure the health and safety of our fans and employees in response to the worldwide spread of Covid-19,” it said in a statement.

“We apologise to all of our fans who were looking forward to our grand opening and ask for your understanding. In the meantime, we will be making preparations so that all of our visitors can enjoy themselves in safety.”

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