Japan Is Getting an Official Release for the ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Soundtrack

by Antonia Haynes

So, this is both good and bad news. Fire Emblem: Three Houses– the critical and commercial Nintendo Switch success from last year- had one of the best gaming soundtracks of 2019 (I put it at number two on my list of the top twenty game soundtracks of 2019) and the music is now getting a release. The songs are available on YouTube and there are countless covers out there but this is the first time that the soundtrack has been confirmed to be officially being released for the public. Now, here’s the bad news: so far, the only country confirmed to be selling the soundtrack is Japan. That’s not to say that other countries won’t be able to access it- the online retailer Play-Asia may make it available at some point- but there is no release date for other areas yet. Let’s take a look at what the official soundtrack release will include.

The album will be released on February 17th, 2021 in Japan and will have a standard edition as well as a limited edition. The entirety of the score will span across six CDs with eight hours’ worth of music. That may seem like an insane amount but it is because the soundtrack will contain every single piece of BGM (that’s background music) from the full game as well as the downloadable Cindered Shadows content that was released in February of this year.  

As well as the actual music, there are also some cool bonus goodies alongside the soundtrack. The standard version will have a holographic case, a DVD version of the score with sound effects and some alternate versions of the games main themes. The limited edition of the soundtrack (the physical version) will have a music box, postcards and a special booklet. Sounds like a must have for any game soundtrack fan, especially those who enjoyed the Fire Emblem: Three Houses soundtrack.

The soundtrack is only going to be available on the official Fire Emblem website when it is first released so check it out to stay up to date on prices and whether we will be seeing it released in any other country following the initial Japanese release.

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