How Will ‘Control’ Connect with ‘Alan Wake’?

by Mike Worby

Control emerged as a surprise hit from Remedy last year, and with the oncoming release of not one but two DLCs in 2020, one question still remains: how will Control connect its tale of interdimensional investigators with the story of an author lost in his own story?

While fans of both games immediately made the connection between Control and Alan Wake while playing Control, the notion of if, or where, these two very different tales would overlap remained. Then with the key image for Control‘s second DLC, AWE, at least one of these queries was dispelled. The image clearly shows these two worlds colliding, but we still don’t know how.

The most natural idea for how to connect these stories would be to have Jesse Faden travel to Cauldron Lake, the cause of the anomalies that occur in Bright Falls during Alan Wake. Being the director of the Bureau of Control, she could easily decide that the files on the Alan Wake incident that were found during the events of Control bear more investigation. This would naturally lead her to interact with Wake and the other characters of Bright Falls.

Control Alan Wake AWE

Presumably Remedy will be following up on their 2 DLCs for Alan Wake, as well as the sequel, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. This would mean that Wake has escaped from the nether realm he fell into at the end of Alan Wake, and has defeated his doppelganger as well. This would leave Alan free from any narrative constraints really and able to both speak with Jesse and perhaps even join her in investigating the phenomena behind Bright Falls’ many peculiar incidents.

Since a lot of gamers missed out on Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, however, Control‘s second DLC could instead see Jesse Faden diving into the abyss of Cauldron Lake herself in an effort to free Wake from the sinister forces of Bright Falls, and help him battle his doppelganger in the process.

Conversely, the AWE expansion could see Jess Faden and Alan Wake operating in separate scenarios, with the gameplay switching back and forth between them over the course of the adventure. This would allow two different gameplay styles, and set the stage for an inevitable Control sequel featuring both characters.

Control Alan Wake AWE

Whatever approach Remedy decides on, fan anticipation couldn’t be higher for the second Control DLC. A beloved cult classic, fans have been pining to see a proper Alan Wake sequel for years. While American Nightmare may have quenched their thirsts, fans are still very hungry to see this character again and re-enter his twisted world.

Either way, we’ll find out the answers to all of these questions and more when Control: AWE drops this summer. Until then, we’ll just have to keep wondering.

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