How Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ Opens A Corridor To a Possible Direct Crossover With ‘Devil May Cry’

by Marc Kaliroff
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Mild Spoilers Ahead for Season 3!

Castlevania’s newest season has finally arrived on Netflix and with it comes a whole lot of new spoilers to talk about. While there is so much to dapple into when discussing the future of the most critically acclaimed video game adaptation to date, many fans seem to be overlooking the fact that the introduction of one of the show’s newest veteran character may have finally opened a link to the long speculated possibility of a future Castlevania crossover with Netflix’s new animated Devil May Cry series- a highly realistic possibility that was teased two years ago by American film producer Adi Shankar who is currently working on both series.

For those unaware, back in late 2018, series executive producer of Netflix’s Castlevania, Adi Shankar, officially unveiled that he had been working on a new animated adaptation of Capcom’s Devil May Cry series. In an exclusive interview with IGN’s Jack Jing where he discussed his involvement in the project and new details on the upcoming season of Castlevania, Shankar stated that his new adaptation of the Devil May Cry series “will join Castlevania in what we’re now calling the bootleg multiverse.” Shankar is currently working on several video game projects that he hopes will join forces in his multiverse of various video games such as but not limited to Heart Machine’s independent hit Hyperlight Drifter and Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed series.

That same day after the announcement, Shankar went on to post an edited photo on Twitter of himself dressed as the series protagonist of Devil May Cry Dante along with the caption “Open for business.” The photo has since been accompanied by tons of congratulations and disappointed reactions from fans of The Legend of Zelda series as it was rumored by multiple gaming outlets the day before that Shankar was creating an adaptation of Nintendo’s world of Hyrule for the major streaming platform.

Adi Shankar said in his interview with IGN “let the speculation begin” before walking off camera. Castlevania on Netflix now seems to be the key factor in creating Shankar’s possible future crossover as the recently released episode six of season three, “The Good Dream” reveals the true power behind what in Castlevania‘s lore is known as the Infinite Corridor. Through the Infinite Corridor, users such as the speaker magician Saint Germain can potentially travel to different universes, timelines, and even alternate dimensions. In the episode, Saint Germain sees several locations outside of the Castlevania universe including ships that vaguely match those from the movie Alien, the actual Uluru – or rather what is widely known as Ayers Rock in Australia, and a bipedal walking mech that resembles Metal Gear D from Hideo Kojima’s MSX2 Computer cult classic Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. A possible gateway – or rather a corridor – has been opened between the two different video game universes but of course who would bring the Devil Hunters and Belmonts together is still a mystery.

It is also worthy to note that eagle-eyed fans such as Reddit user lucasgmkp have spotted Dante’s main weapon displayed on a wall in the background of Castlevania’s newest season (as seen in the image above). Although the show has featured numerous other references to video games series both owned and not owned by Konami in the past, there has not been an easter egg as vivid as this before. A close examination shows that the shaping of the blade and handle are clearly that of Devil Sword Dante.

In Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, the Infinite Corridor – or what is known in Japan as the Corridor of The Inferno – is a small alternate realm that lies in another dimension. As the main protagonist Hector, your goal in this particular area of the game was to fight a boss version of a classic recurring Castlevania enemy known as Dullahan. Derived from Irish and Celtic mythology, Dullahan is a headless skeleton that wields a massive reaper. He is often referred to as the “Headless Hunter.” While it is unlikely that we will see Dullahan play a larger role in the future of the Netflix series it is always possible that he could potentially make a quick cameo, be a part of Issac’s night creature horde, or perhaps even be featured in a future fight scene with Saint Germain.

In our review of Castlevania season three, I said that “with the pairing of a marvelous award-winning comic book mind like Warren Ellis and the violently beautiful animation overseen by Powerhouse, Castlevania is undeniably still my personal favorite show on Netflix.” Castlevania’s newest ten episodes are now streaming exclusively on Netflix- and trust us it is absolutely worth your time if you have not watched it yet.

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