How Dating Can Become a Real Game

by Drew Williamson

How Dating Can Become a Real Game

Like many other facets of our lives, the dating world has experienced revamping due to technological advances. Aside from online platforms for meeting and dating with people, technology like AI and VR all contribute to providing an escape for adults, in the form of video games. 

Most games are based on violence, but the dating world has been complimented in the past, with games like The Sims. If you go to a site like, you will make sure that the dating industry is developing day by day and can offer something for every single heart. But we are sure that there is still room for development in this direction. 

Dating Online in the Literal Sense 

In the literal sense, a game would have to introduce aspects such as VR simulations. The idea of chatting with a total stranger, planning to meet at some unfamiliar place, and hoping they meet your desires can be risky and intriguing. But how about increasing the euphoria with 100 percent matches for your preferences? 

Games like The Sims can become a real place to meet and date someone. Depending on the deployment of said games, simulations can be based on hugs, kisses, perhaps a struggle or a warm feeling after meeting someone. As we know it, the dating world is engrossed in web-based subscriptions and meets that lead to nothing. This gaming form of dating online connects different characters, created by any user, to fulfill their desires specifically. It’s like setting preferences on a dating website, only this time, you can full control of how they look, feel, react/respond, and act toward you. 

The other side of this coin is a VR game played by two, or more people, in remote areas. Two people can pick specific traits for their character in the game. A feeble man may choose to be an alpha male in the game, while a shy, reserved gal wants to unleash the diva inside. These scenarios present what most people are seeking out of adult gaming. As some find it hard to date in the real world, games are therapeutic with a touch of dopamine for personal reasons or time constraints. 

So what’s the catch?

Reality: Literal vs Virtual

Escapism is wonderful. Everyone seeks an avenue to fulfill their fantasies, be they physical or emotional ones. When it comes to gaming, violence-oriented games have taken the lead in terms of fulfilling fantasies. Games like The Sims present a wonderful opportunity for users to realize their fantasies, but they can wreak havoc in people’s lives. Virtual dating can become addictive as gamers fulfill their innermost desires without the stress associated with regular dating. This addictive nature of these games undoubtedly leads to distorted views of what dating, and indeed life, is really about. 

Playing on Feelings

As if the world wasn’t filled with timewasters already, there are and will be plenty of gamers toying with your emotions. Some may take the game seriously, perhaps even using it to find love and a long-term relationship. Unfortunately, there is always an immature bunch ready to pounce on a vulnerable single. It is a major drawback of such a game, and given its attractive and almost addictive nature, several heartbreaks are inevitable. It can also lead to a fight between couples in real life. Once this type of game becomes a boyfriend or hubby vice, the relationship may be doomed. 

Bottom Line

Dating online and virtual gaming integrate the best technologies on the market to date. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the internet combined create a semblance of real-life dating. However, this new reality can lead to a twisted understanding of what’s real and what isn’t, especially if it’s abused. Violence-themed games had their share of bad publicity, though their influential power is still datable. It remains to be seen what type of hype newer dating games will bring.  

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