Hottest Hero Happenings: Lots Of Training, Lots Of Fighting

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Hottest Hero Happenings is a series in which we summarize the latest hero news. More specifically, said hero news concerns My Hero Academia’s currently airing third season. More more specifically, it operates on a ‘two episode per installment’ basis. More more more specifically, this particular installment will discuss episodes 3 and 4. More more more more spec…no, that would be too specific.

Despite a lacklustre recap-infused opening, episode 2 of My Hero Academia’s 3rd season picked up the pace by kicking off the training camp chunk of story. Following this, the fiesta of heroism has bounded from strength to strength, thanks to a magnificent third episode, and a mega-mega-mega-magnificent fourth episode.


Training the quirk of fire and ice.


Intensively Honing Their Quirks


Episode 3: ‘Kota’, ironically spends somewhat slim time exploring the titular character. Rather, bundles of screen time are devoted to Midoriya and the gang (which is hardly a cause for complaint). A pleasant surprise arrives in the form of Class 1-B accompanying the primary cast in their training, allowing for characters that have scarcely been touched upon outside of Season 2’s U.A. Sports Festival to seize the spotlight on occasion.

Truly, My Hero Academia’s eclectic collection of genuinely wonderful characters continues to be its most awesome asset, making their interactions with one another all the more entertainingly rewarding. Class 1-A intensively honing their quirks offers an eye popping montage of sublime super-powers in action. Furthermore, the introduction of Ragdoll and Tora, the remaining two members of The Pussycats, reaffirms that My Hero Academia has an almost unbelievable quality of churning out characters that are instantaneously captivating and, above all, fun.


What’s better than a regular punch?


The Perfect Formula for Fun


Whilst Midoriya takes a brief spell to converse with Kota, giving further insight into his bleak backstory, and its contributions towards formulating his dislike of heroes, it isn’t until episode 4 that the importance of his existence within My Hero Academia’s narrative becomes apparent (but more on that later).

As ‘Kota’ reaches its tail end however, the plentiful quips and upbeat atmosphere of safety crumble to dust as a brand spanking new cast of villains initiates their attack upon the heroes. Cue one of My Hero Academia’s finest episodes ever (seriously, it’s phenomenal).

As the villains kick off their bloodlust in episode 4: ‘My Hero’, viewers bear witness to the mounting of a counter attack/defence from the heroes. Whilst being the lesser exciting slice of ‘My Hero’, it effectively lays fundamental groundwork for the coming confrontation. The familiar top notch character bits ‘n’ bobs, such as Eraser Head diving headfirst into danger (despite his aloof persona, his care for the students’ well being knows no bounds), continues to punctuate the narrative flow with frequent splashes of brilliance, preventing any lull in pacing from occurring.

However, the major dose of magic is delivered when Midoriya darts to Kota’s aid, protecting the defenceless boy from the intimidating threat of Muscular, a new villain that can radically augment the muscle fibres throughout his body (being crazy strong as a result). Midoriya and Muscular lock into a ferocious battle in which the former is pushed to his absolute limits, and to declare it a spectacle to behold is an understatement.

The green-haired protagonist tirelessly pushing himself in such a viscerally primal manner adds a weighty coating of adrenaline fueled authenticity to the exchange. Furthermore, the character growth of Kota is seamlessly injected into the bloody fight, resulting in a tidal wave of utter engrossment in the sequence. Every facet of Midoriya and Muscular’s showdown personifies wide-eyed entertainment, transfixing viewers via a plethora of meaningful characterization and white-knuckle combat that prioritises brutal dedication to victory over “My power level vs. your power level”.


Mate, I’m bloody knackered.


Brutal Dedication to Victory


‘My Hero’, serves as a flawless showcase of the degree of sheer delight anime can elicit in its fans. With its preceding episode, ‘Kota’, smoothly transitioning viewers into the rollercoaster of tension the villains bring in tow, it’s top marks all around. Expertly paced, and jam packed with emotional punch and incredible character development for Midoriya and Kota, ‘My Hero’ delivers bombastically on its own merits, whilst keeping the fires burning bright for successive episodes.

‘My Hero Academia’ is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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