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‘Hollow Knight: Silksong’ Unveiled as Team Cherry’s Next Game



Fans of Hollow Knight have been eagerly anticipating any news on the promised Hornet DLC, but Team Cherry dropped a bomb today with a trailer revealing that players will actually get to control Hornet in an entirely new, full-length game. According to the developer’s blog (where you can also find information for Kickstarter backers), Hollow Knight: Silksong will take place in a separate kingdom, filled with 150 new enemies for its heroine to battle, plenty of new bosses to curse at, and numerous side quests to fulfill for the needy bug population. Hornet herself will feature a “suite of nimble moves” as well as the ability to craft helpful tools (which looks like the replacement for the charm system).

Check out the trailer below:

Given the breathtaking quality and attention to detail brought to Hollow Knight, this new adventure has plenty to live up to. Judging by the trailer, Silksong is definitely on the right path, showcasing some gorgeous visuals and new character designs. Having fought Hornet multiple times in the original game, I personally can’t wait to try out her agile moveset, which seems to offer a bit more flexibility than the knight possessed. I’m also curious to see the new environments; Team Cherry has stated that Silksong is more about ascending a towering peak rather a descent into the bowels of a world like Hallownest, so the possibility of seeing some sunlight may exist (despite, well, you know).

The crafting ability seems like a nice character-developing element that could make the charm mechanic even more interesting, and unless the trailer is misleading, there seems to be a lot more interaction with other bugs this time around. One of the best facets of Hollow Knight while exploring the strange land was happening upon NPCs. But while many of them contributed to the overall melancholy tone, they didn’t exist for any reason other than atmosphere (barring some notable exceptions). Side quests are a dime-a-dozen in games these days, but I can see them contributing greatly to the incredible insect world the developers have created.

No release date or window has yet been given, but Hollow Knight: Silksong has surely shot up many players’ most-anticipated lists. The game will launch sometime in the future for PC, MAC, Linux, and Nintendo Switch.

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