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Happy New Year!



Like every year, 2015 had its fair share of ups and down for the Big N. But as Matt pointed out in his article, and later, Patrick in his follow-up piece, it was far from being a disaster for the Japanese Giant. We here at Goomba Stomp are excited to see what Nintendo brings to us in 2016. I have a few crazy predictions which I’ll be posting in the next couple of days, but with The Legend of Zelda on the horizon and a promise of a new and more powerful console, the future looks bright for our favourite video game developer.

On a personal note, I would like to thank my co-hosts Tim Maison, Patrick Murphy and Aaron Santos for helping me produce the NXpress podcast and later launching this website as well as Mike Worby and Matt De Azevedo for contributing their free time and helping us produce some high-quality content for you to all enjoy. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported both our podcast and our website over the past 12 months — and those who have followed us on Twitter and liked us on Facebook — and more importantly, those of you who have shared our articles which we’ve worked very hard in producing. We have big plans for 2016 and we hope we can continue to chronicle our hopeless, unapologetic addiction to pop-culture and the life-defining art of gaming.

Happy New Years everyone. I wish you all a safe and fun day!

Ricky Fernandes da Conceição


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