A YouTuber Is Recreating the ‘Hamilton’ Songs in ‘Animal Crossing’ and it’s Glorious

by Antonia Haynes

Fan-made crossovers and mashups of various franchises aren’t particularly hard to come by these days but it is rare to find one that is as well made as this amazing video series known as ‘HAMILTON: An Animal Crossing Musical’. YouTuber Guitar_Knight14 made the absolutely brilliant decision to recreate the songs from the smash-hit musical Hamilton within Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons game to create the beautiful amalgamation that is ‘HAMILTON: An Animal Crossing Musical’. Not only is it a stroke of genius to crossover two hugely popular franchises that are constantly trending, but the videos are actually really well done and you can tell that a lot of time, effort and care has gone into them.

Even the various humans and animals chosen to represent each Hamilton character fit so well. I love that Alexander Hamilton himself is a kitty cat with two different coloured eyes and glasses. I’m also a big fan of adorable freckled squirrel John Laurens. My personal favourite character choice though is Peggy Schuyler. Peggy is depicted as being a wolf whilst her sisters are humans. That is the most perfect representation of ‘…And Peggy’ if I ever saw it.  

‘The Schuyler Sisters’ is the latest song that Guitar_Knight14 has recreated.

So far, Guitar_Knight14 has only recreated five songs from the show with the most recent being ‘The Schuyler Sisters’.  Hopefully, more are on the way as they seem to be being released in the same order that the songs are performed in the show.  I would definitely encourage you to subscribe to Guitar_Knight14’s channel to stay updated if you love these mashups as much as I do. As I said, there is obviously a lot of time and care that goes into these videos- the camera angles are so great as are the various poses and expressions the characters pull during their songs. I’m happy to wait as long it takes. You take your time Guitar_Knight14.

Have a look at the HAMILTON: An Animal Crossing Musical playlist below and for more awesome content, check out Guitar_Knight14’s channel here.

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