This Awesome Artist is Creating ‘Halo Infinite’ within ‘Dreams’ for PlayStation

Ever wondered what it could be like to finally get to play a Halo game on a PlayStation console? Sadly your desires can not be brought to fruition just yet, but one dedicated fan is creating the next best thing to tide you over

Artist and designer known on social media as Disarmed has established themselves as a prominent and talented creator within the PlayStation 4 game Dreams– a game creation title which allows user to generate their own content and create their own games. After the recent Xbox Games Showcase and the somewhat shaky Halo Infinite presentation, Disarmed decided to work on recreating the Halo Infinite demo within the Dreams game.

As you can see from Disarmed’s short but hugely impressive video above, the level to detail is insane as are the photorealistic visuals. It is hard to think that something so realistic could come from a game that allows players to recreate various Internet memes in an awkwardly blocky yet hilarious fashion. That’s the beauty of Dreams. The game is literally yours to do with as you please.  Despite the negative audience reaction to what was shown of Halo Infinite, Disarmed’s Dream version is made purely for fun and in anticipation of Infinite rather than as a retaliation of any kind. Honestly, that is super wholesome and we need more of that mentality in the world.  You rock, Disarmed.

For more of Disarmed and their awesome creations- and to keep an eye on their Halo Infinite/ Dreams project-  check out their Reddit, Twitter, YouTube and profile on the official Dreams website.

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