‘GTA Online’ Goes Retro with New Tiny Racers Update

by Jayden Hausfeld
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It looks like Rockstar is taking a trip back down memory lane with a call-back to Grand Theft Auto’s roots, with the announcement of Grand Theft Auto Online’s upcoming Tiny Racers update releasing next week.

Tiny Racers is a new stunt racing mode that puts players into a top-down perspective, as they compete for power-ups that they can use against the other rival racers, such as parachutes, machine guns, and missiles.

The last time GTA was played with a top-down perspective was in the original Grand Theft Auto games for the Playstation (Grand Theft Auto, GTA: London 1969-1961, and Grand Theft Auto II), before Grand Theft Auto III showed us what the beauty of a 3D, open world can do to enhance the vehicular thievery experience.

Back in 2009, we got to see the retro style used again for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the Nintendo DS and PSP, however, since then, the series has mainly been focusing on a 3D, third-person perspective.

Rockstar has also announced some discounts and bonuses in the online game for the 4/20 “holiday” on its official website.

“In honor of 420, save (and score) some extra green via The Open Road with 50% off Weed Farm Businesses and Business Upgrades. All Weed sales from your Business will also earn you 50% more profits. And burn out with Green Tire Smoke from LS Customs, also 50% off today.”

Check out the trailer for the Tiny Racers update below. The update drops for Grand Theft Auto Online on April 25, 2017.

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