Greatest Survivor Series Matches: The Undertaker Vs. Batista

by Ricky Fernandes da Conceição

Best Survivor Series Matches (2007)

Hell in the Cell: Undertaker Vs. Batista

While the 1991 Survivor Series match between Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker is notable for being the first time The Deadman won the WWE championship, the 2007 Survivor Series features arguably the best Undertaker match of the pay per view series.

Following their rivalry over the World Heavyweight Championship, Undertaker took on Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship in a bloody Hell in a Cell match which saw the two superstars trade vicious blows and use everything in reach to try and get the win. Batista power slammed Taker through a table and Undertaker suplexed Batista off the top rope. There was blood, lots of blood. There was carnage, lots of carnage— and there was even a decent amount of grappling within the demonic structure. The Undertaker tried to score the win when he hit Batista with the second Tombstone piledriver of the night on the steel-steps, only Batista fought back and eventually blasted Undertaker over the back with a steel chair. As the match went back and forth for twenty minutes, there were several near falls making it unclear who would walk away as the winner.

Survivor Series Matches: The Undertaker Vs. Batista

The rivalry between Batista and Undertaker was notable since it wasn’t the standard babyface vs. heel storyline but rather a story that revolved around two well-respected wrestlers who simply wanted to challenge both themselves and their opponent. It was a rivalry that revolved around respect and most WWE fans could care less who won, so long as the two men delivered an entertaining match. Undertaker got the win at WrestleMania 23, Batista got the win at Cyber Sunday and Survivor Series 2007 was supposed to end the feud. Unfortunately, a clear-cut winner was never decided as the returning Edge, masquerading as a cameraman, emerged to screw The Phenom by pulling the ref out of the ring and nailing Undertaker in the head with a camera. As both men laid there unconscious, Edge pulled Batista over Undertaker’s lifeless body and demanded the ref count to three.

As far as Hell in a Cell matches goes, Batista Vs Undertaker could have been better but because of Edge’s interference, fans felt robbed of a true conclusion and a definite winner. However, it remains a classic if only because it was one of the last bloodbaths before WWE decided to go PG in mid-2008.

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