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‘GoldenEye 007’ recreated with the Unreal Engine 4



GoldenEye 007 was originally conceived as an on-rails shooter inspired by Sega’s Virtua Cop, before being redesigned as a free-roaming shooter. Highly revered by countless N64 owners, GoldenEye 007 has sold over eight million copies worldwide, making it the third-best-selling Nintendo 64 game. It is considered an important game in the history of the medium and credited with kick-starting the first-person shooter craze on consoles. If it weren’t for GoldenEye, it’s quite possible that a franchise such as Call of Duty might never have experienced the popularity it has today. Visually, Rare’s 1997 hit is difficult to critique. Naturally it’s a product of its time and so the production values won’t impress a generation of new gamers in this day and age, but that doesn’t take away the fact that the game is highly influential and still fun to play thanks to its immensely enjoyable multiplayer suite.

Now decades later, a Sheffield Hallam University student and aspiring environment artist Jude Wilson has recreated a small section of the game (The Facility), for an assignment in his Master’s degree program.

“I have combined the N64’s original layout with the films’ look and feel using Unreal Engine 4,” Wilson wrote in the video’s description. “I have tried to get it as realistic as possible, using the films interiors, props, and lighting, but remaining true to the original game at the same time.”

Watch the video below and be sure to check out Patrick’s recent article on Rare’s magnum opus here.

Via NeoGaf and Gamespot

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