Get Ready for Anti-RPG ‘Moon’ Coming to Switch in August

by Campbell Gill
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In recent years, developers large and small have experimented with what an RPG can truly be. One of the most famous examples of this is Undertale, an RPG in which you have the choice over whether to kill enemies or not. But Undertale wasn’t the first RPG to try this. Rather, that honor belongs to Moon, a Japanaese roleplaying game first released for the original PlayStattion in 1997. This classic game has attracted a cult following for its unorthodox structure and content, even though it has never been localized into any other language or released outside Japan. That all changes now, however, with its first English release on Switch coming out worldwide this August.

Moon is an anti-RPG that’s all about exposing how bizarre your typical roleplaying game really is. In classic games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or even western games like Skyrim, so-called “heroes” mercilessly kill innocent monsters on the overworld and break into unsuspecting citizens’ homes. That’s something that Moon focuses on. In Moon, you don’t play as such a violent hero; instead, you’re just a kid who’s been sucked into the world of a video game. To get a taste of Moon’s zany humor and bizarre structure, check out the English-language trailer below.

Moon is an RPG without battles, where NPCs live their own lives and don’t worry about providing you with information at every step of the way. Rather than having to fight monsters to gain experience, you’ll grow by gathering a resource called “Love,” and the more Love you have, the more that the world will develop.

Plenty of developers have cited Moon as a major source of inspiration, including Undertale developer Toby Fox himself. With its English-language release, it’s getting a wider audience than ever before. It will release for Switch via the eShop on August 27, where it will cost $18.99 USD.

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