Game Devs Come Together to Create Unique, Video Game Christmas Cards

by Antonia Haynes
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The annual PlayStation Blog tradition continues this year as game developers have come together to create unique greetings cards and bring a little Christmas cheer to the gaming community at the end of what has been a particularly hellish year all around. Insomniac, Sucker Punch, Square Enix, 2K and Bethesda are just a few of the big names in on the festive fun as well as involvement from newcomers such as Young Horses- the indie company behind BugSnax– and Mediatonic who shot to stardom with the indie phenomenon that is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The cards are all awesome in their own way and I’d highly advise heading over to the PlayStation Blog to check every single one of them out, though I will post my favourites below.

It’s been a tough year for all of us so I truly hope that wherever you are in the world, you stay safe and enjoy the holiday season. Over here in the south east of the UK, we are in the midst of a Tier 4 lockdown due to a new, more virulent strain of COVID-19 spreading rapidly. I also work in a hospital too (ward clerk by day, writer by night. Like Batman, but less cool. Much, much less cool) with some outbreaks so I know as well as anyone how difficult this period is. We are separated from those we love most, but if we can just get a little smile in here and there- from a cute video game themed Christmas card for instance- we will surely make it through this crisis one day at a time.

Stay safe and enjoy Christmas my fellow gaming geeks!

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